Art and Design 

Art at The Heights, Burnley, aims to stretch and challenge pupil’s creativity. Providing them with a relaxed, supportive environment that allows them to be creative and express themselves positively and achieve their full potential. Art is a powerful tool that supports pupil’s awareness of the world around them, nurturing cultural awareness and creativity. Pupils at The Heights, Burnley, are encouraged to express themselves and experiment with different materials and techniques. As pupils progress, they should be able to think critically and develop a more in depth understanding of art and the world around them.

We aim to:

· Develop pupils interest in the Arts. Encouraging them to develop as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.

· Develop skills and confidence in using the language of the arts to communicate ideas about, and their understanding of, their world.

· Encourage pupils to engage with a variety of art forms to explore values, attitudes, feelings and meaning.

· Encourage pupils to explore and experiment with a range of techniques and materials to express themselves.

· Develop an understanding of the role of the Arts in society.

· Develop awareness and appreciation of the rich cultural diversity of art.

· Promote the wellbeing and resilience of pupils as well as their academic learning.

To achieve these aims we will provide pupils with opportunities to:

· Learn and develop skills in a range of media, materials, techniques and processes, with purpose and intent.

· Work independently and in teams.

· Share Art experiences, through trips to galleries and exhibitions.


At KS1 pupils will learn to use a range of different materials creatively. They will draw, paint, print and sculpture materials such as clay to develop techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, and form. They will also learn about the work of a range of artists.

Cross curriculum: English, Maths, Geography and History.


At KS2 pupils will continue to improve their mastery of art and design techniques by learning specific drawing, painting, printing and sculpture techniques. They will experience using a wider range of materials. Pupils will use technology to produce images, patterns and decorative pieces of work. They will record their observations and ideas and use them to review and evaluate improvements. They will also learn about great artists, architects and designers in history.

Cross curriculum: English, Maths, Geography and History.


At KS3 pupils are given the opportunity to learn and develop skills in a range of practical arts such as drawing, painting, printing etc. and to develop skills in research, investigation and experimentation in both visual and written formats. We want our pupils to be able to fully engage with the wider world of the Arts, to be inspired, challenged and enjoy the subject’s history and diversity. The KS3 curriculum nurtures an environment for independent learning and encourages creativity, curiosity, initiative, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Cross curriculum: English and Maths.


At KS4 pupils will further develop skills in a range of practical arts such as drawing, painting, printing etc. They will also further develop their skills in research, investigation and experimentation and be able to demonstrate an understanding of past and contemporary art and design practices. Pupils at KS4 will be working towards either their OCR GCSE in Art or OCR Entry Level Certificate, creating a portfolio of work that demonstrates the skills and knowledge they have gained. Through a programme of projects, they will be able to develop their skills and knowledge to create a portfolio and prepare for their final examination, leading to opportunities through a college education and jobs within the arts.

Cross curriculum: English and Maths

Work from across all Key Stages is proudly exhibited in the classroom and around the school to celebrate success and demonstrate the exciting and skilful work created. Year 11 pupils will exhibit their final pieces and examination portfolio at an end of year exhibition.