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All students must arrive to school in full school uniform. Daily checks will be taking place.
Our school day commences at 09:00. Students may arrive from 08:30

The Heights, Burnley asks all students to respect and follow the Code of Conduct:

Code Of Conduct 

  • I will wear full school uniform
  • I will try my best at all times
  • I will come prepared for lessons
  • I will listen to my teachers and carry out their instructions
  • I will listen to other pupils and will value their opinions
  • I will respect social, cultural and religious difference
  • I will respect the rights of each individual and the school as a community
  • I will demonstrate the PRIDE values and Respect Charter in everything I do

Positive Behaviour for Learning 

  • I will have positive interactions with others
  • I will use resources sensibly
  • I will use appropriate language
  • I will accept new learning challenges
  • I will develop my ability to learn independently