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All students must arrive to school in full school uniform. Daily checks will be taking place.
Our school day commences at 09:00. Students may arrive from 08:30


I just wanted to send a quick email to thank staff for all the support received for our student. I know transitions back to main-stream can be challenging and never without hiccups, but what a success so far. Our students confidence has grown so much through your support, she is much better at managing her emotions and is actively engaged and learning in her lessons, staff say she is a pleasure to teach. Since returning to school, she hasn’t received a single negative point for behaviour, only positives for both her attitude to learning and classwork. She will actively seek out support when she is unsure and no longer shy’s away from using her overlays and her reader pen. Although she can still feel overwhelmed when talking about her future she left a careers interview last week ‘absolutely buzzing’ (her words). Shes polite, engaging and happy – she can manage conflict appropriately and understands her own emotions/triggers.


I am glad, like us you saw her potential and was able to guide and support her whilst at The Heights, Burnley. As a result I am confident  she will finish her secondary education and,complete her GCSE’s and have a great future. 


Referring School KS4 – October 2023


I am writing to share my feedback as a parent. My daughter,  has been attending the Heights school in Burnley since April of this year.  I wanted to share my views and opinions with you directly, which I hope you share with OFSTED, to showcase how the Heights Burnley, offer universal design and an inclusive curriculum, support additional needs to an exemplary standard.

I have nothing but positive comments about the school, the teachers and all members of staff. Prior to my daughter attending the Heights, she was struggling significantly, because of many unmet needs, primarily through schooling; understandably this had a significant detrimental effect on us all the family. Since she has been attending the Heights, she is happy young lady; she has a sparkle back. Consequently, our household is now a happy place to be. It is impossible to document how much of an impact this has had on us all. Of course, like all children, she has days which are challenging and she makes poor choices. However, if these choices are in school, she is spoken to respectfully, without shouting, and they provided her with a rationale of why her choices were poor and what she can do to make better choices. The motto of, ‘tomorrow we start again’ is extremely important for her, she does not fear retribution on the following day and returns to school; this unfortunately was not the case in her mainstream school. It is unfortunate that the Heights is not a long term provision for her.

Could I also commend the senior staff for their leadership. It is clear, although they have a senior position in school, they have a vested interest in the children and also their parents. There was a rocky transition for my daughter initially, The senior staff went above and beyond, not only support my daughter but myself in this time of change, thank you!


Parent October 2022

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