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All students must arrive to school in full school uniform. Daily checks will be taking place.
Our school day commences at 09:00. Students may arrive from 08:30

Personal Social Health Education

Our PSHE programme aims to develop the ‘whole child’. The aims of our curriculum are as follows:

  • Ensure pupils have the knowledge and skills to make informed choices to enhance and enrich their own and other people’s lives.
  • Develop a strength of character and resilience that will help pupils to overcome the challenges they are likely to encounter in adult life.
  • Promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, increasing their awareness and self-confidence.
  • Help pupils develop independent skills and a positive attitude toward learning.
  • Ensure that all pupils understand how to stay safe.
  • Provide an appropriate range of opportunities and experiences to allow pupils to succeed in the next stage in their education, training or employment.
  • Prepare children for life in modern Britain.
  • We will ensure that the fundamental British values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the ethos and work of the school.
  • Provide a range of opportunities and experiences which act a vehicle for furthering understanding and deepen and develop understanding beyond the local community.
  • Develop skills in communicating ideas and opinions to influence social change.
  • Develop pupil understanding of healthy relationships through age appropriate  relationship and sex education

We will achieve this through our form time curriculum, personal development lessons, careers lessons, the assembly programme, enrichment initiatives (including our Wider Curriculum) and the support of specialist external bodies.

KS2 Faculty Intent

KS3-4 Faculty Intent

KS2 Curriculum Overview


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) is at the heart of everything we do at The Heights, Burnley. During their time with us, we help pupils to develop their own personal values, have positive relationships with others and become responsible citizens in society.

SMSC development supports pupils to be kind, thoughtful and caring and to be able to live and learn alongside people with different beliefs, cultures and lifestyles.

Our provision for pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural and Emotional development (SMSC), builds on our PRIDE key values:

  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Initiative
  • Drive
  • Excellence

An integral part of SMSC is to support pupils to engage with British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect for different faiths and beliefs.

Our school has a thoughtful and wide-ranging promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development.

Spiritual Development

We want pupils to be reflective about their own beliefs, but also show interest and respect for the beliefs and faiths of others. We encourage pupils to reflect, not just on their own behaviour and the choices they make, but also on the skills needed to remain calm and focused on their learning.

Spiritual development is also about supporting children to be creative, imaginative and reflect on their learning experiences.

Opportunities for spiritual development at The Heights, Burnley include:

  • Learning together to value the ideas and contributions of all pupils
  • Providing a varied and exciting curriculum that inspires children and makes learning enjoyable
  • Learning about other peoples’ beliefs and visiting different places of worship

Moral Development

We have developed approaches to ensure our pupils are able to articulate the difference between right and wrong. Pupils recognise actions have consequences and are able to communicate their views whilst appreciating and respecting the viewpoints of others.

Opportunities for moral development include:

  • Pupils working together to discuss and agree on what they need to do to create a safe, friendly and inclusive environment for learning
  • Opportunities in the curriculum for pupils to offer their own points of view and to be able to listen to and value those of others
  • In every classroom and throughout the school environment, pupils are encouraged to make positive behaviour choices and develop strategies to manage conflicts effectively

Social Development

We teach pupils the social and relational skills needed to participate in social situations with the ability to co-operate and resolve conflicts with others as well as engaging and accepting the fundamental British values which are rooted in our school values.

Opportunities for social development include:

  • Developing skills throughout the curriculum and wider opportunities
  • Making a positive contribution to the community through fund raising and donating to local charities
  • Supporting pupils to develop the skills needed for living in a democracy through activities such lead pupil elections

Cultural Development

At The Heights, Burnley, we ensure pupils have the opportunity to participate in artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities. We teach our pupils to appreciate the range of different cultures within school and further afield as an essential element of their preparation for life in modern Britain. Pupils take part in charitable activities to further develop their attitude to different socio-economic groups.

Opportunities for cultural development include:

  • We enable pupils to value living and learning alongside pupils from different backgrounds, different beliefs and lifestyles throughout the curriculum and wider opportunities
  • Providing opportunities in the curriculum for pupils to share their beliefs with others
  • Enabling pupils to enjoy and appreciate a variety of artistic and cultural experiences, including theatre performances and sports