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All students must arrive to school in full school uniform. Daily checks will be taking place.
Our school day commences at 09:00. Students may arrive from 08:30


At KS 1 and 2 the curriculum is delivered in 3×6 week blocks. Pupils will develop knowledge in the basic techniques of preparing and cooking a variety of savoury and sweet dishes. Practical sessions will allow the pupils to build confidence and knowledge, through practising a variety of basic kitchen skills such as measuring, chopping, mixing and stirring and knowledge of what makes a healthy diet.


KS3 year 7 & 8

The curriculum at year 7 and 8 is delivered in 3×6 week blocks and allows the pupils to engage in practical lessons, promoting a healthy and varied diet. We encourage the pupils to cook a variety of savoury dishes, whist promoting social and emotional skills and team building. We aim to build knowledge and application of a variety cooking methods and techniques.

Year 9

Our year 9 curriculum sequences over the full year. Pupils will extend their knowledge and understanding of food, diet and health as well as their food preparation and cooking techniques. Our curriculum will support pupils to create and make high quality dishes for a wide range of people: developing and demonstrating the principles of food hygiene and safety and using a variety of ingredients and equipment to prepare and cook a range of more complex dishes.

Key Stage 1-3 Overview


Each student will independently build a portfolio of knowledge, covering food related topics, for example, health and safety, understanding of nutrition, food provenance and methods of cooking; along with developing practical cooking skills, which will help through life. Students are introduced to issues related to nutrition and food safety and how they affect successful hospitality and catering operations, food preparation and cooking skills as well as transferable skills of problem solving, organisation and time management, and planning and communication.

Through our KS4 programme of study, we encourage pupils to choose the dishes they wish to cook. This allows them to be adventurous, whilst making good food choices.  We work with each pupil, allowing them to maximise their potential and give them the confidence moving forward in their chosen career path. Pupils work towards the NCFE L2 Food and Cookery Skills.

Yr 10 Overview

Yr 11 Overview

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