Short stay respite provision

Throughout the short stay respite provision, Science is planned in 3 X 6-weekly blocks. We teach a range of topics, which cover each of the 3 disciplines of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The Science curriculum is designed to instil pupils with a genuine sense of excitement and curiosity. It is both relevant and engaging, allowing pupils to develop their own ideas and ways of working, through highly memorable learning experiences. Through our curriculum we aim to inspire scientific enquiry, ask questions, carry out practical experiments, make and record observations/ predictions and draw conclusions.

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Year 9

It is expected that pupils who join us in year 9 will remain with us until the end of KS4. Therefore, the year 9 curriculum is sequenced over the year. The curriculum is closely aligned to the national curriculum and aims to prepare pupils for the KS4 curriculum by guiding their learning through the ‘Big Ideas’ in Science. As part of the learning experience, pupils learn through ‘enquiry’ and we ensure that they develop a practical approach to science, by routinely planning and carrying out laboratory investigations. Learning in this way ensures pupils develop fundamental practical skills to learn how to safely practice science.

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Our Science curriculum aims to inspire and challenge students of all abilities and aspirations. Our curriculum encourages the development of knowledge and understanding in science through opportunities for working scientifically. Working scientifically is the sum of all the activities that scientists do.The curriculum will develop scientific thinking, understanding how scientific methods and theories develop over time; use scientific theories and explanations to develop hypotheses; and analyse and evaluate, presenting observations and other data using appropriate methods. Throughout the curriculum delivery, there is a strong focus on developing knowledge and use of scientific vocabulary. Through scientific experiments, there are opportunities to develop skills such as correct use of apparatus, awareness of health and safety issues in the lab, hypothesising and analysing. Pupils are entered for AQA GCSE Biology at the end of year 11.

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