Short stay respite provision 

Throughout the short stay respite provision, Maths is planned in 3 X 6-weekly blocks. We use White Rose Maths as a foundation for our maths curriculum. The aim is to develop and consolidate number fluency and confidence in number and place value and the 4 operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are opportunities to demonstrate using and applying the knowledge of these strands through, for example:

KS1- Fractions and statistics

KS2- Area and perimeter and time

KS3- Fractions and algebra

Please click below for an example of 18-week curriculum map





Year 9 

It is expected that pupils who join us in year 9 will remain with us until the end of KS4. Therefore, the year 9 curriculum is sequenced over the year. The curriculum is closely aligned to the the national curriculum and aims to prepare pupils for the KS4 curriculum. We use White Rose Maths as the foundations for this curriculum. Where there are fundamental gaps in knowledge identified through our diagnostic baseline testing, these will be prioritised. To promote self-esteem and confidence in maths, we use the functional skills assessments at the end of year 9.

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Maths at KS4 is closely aligned to the National Curriculum and sequences across the 2-year programme. The curriculum offers a blend of Algebra, Ratio, Proportion, Statistics, probability, Geometry and numerical calculations.  Problem solving, critical thinking, logic, and independence are promoted throughout the curriculum. Emphasis is placed on the ‘real world’ application of maths to engage pupils and demonstrate how maths impacts our daily lives as well as mastery and fluency to make sure pupils are resilient in problem solving. Pupils are entered for AQA GCSE Maths at the end of year 11.

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Year 10

Year 11

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