Key Stages 1-3


Throughout their time with us, pupils will be taught Maths in three lots of six-weekly blocks. As a foundation subject, it is vital that pupils are accessing a curriculum which aims to develop and consolidate number fluency and enhance confidence in using numbers, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Building these foundations and practising key skills through a well-sequenced curriculum allows all pupils to expand their mathematical understanding and appreciation both inside and outside of the classroom. Providing positive experiences through enjoyable and engaging lessons helps our pupils to understand and remember more mathematical terminology and methodology. As a result of this, we aim to help develop curiosity and resilience as pupils begin to master the fundamentals and basics, applying and adapting it to real-life situations.


Our curriculums are connected across each key stage to show progression and a deeper learning throughout every topic. In turn, this allows pupils to retrieve previous understanding; continuing to build key skills and knowledge as well as applying them to more complex situations. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen resilience when problem solving independently, supporting our pupils to overcome barriers to learning. Young people are encouraged to revisit their learning frequently, practising different skills and consolidate the knowledge that they have developed. There is a focus throughout Key Stages 1-3 on Mathematics across the curriculum, looking at different mathematical topics through other subjects, demonstrating an understanding within a number of contexts and environments.

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Years 9, 10 & 11

There is an expectation that pupils who join us in Year 9 will remain at The Heights until the end of Key Stage 4. Therefore, a well-sequenced, balanced and broad curriculum is delivered over the course of the academic year. As a foundation subject, it is vital that pupils are accessing a curriculum which aims to develop confidence in a wide range of mathematical methodology that can be transferred into real-life situations effectively.

Building on the foundations from Key Stages 1-3, lessons are developed in line with the national curriculum to revisit key learning as well as preparing pupils for a Key Stage 4 curriculum. With clear instruction and support, pupils are challenged to extend their knowledge and understanding of key mathematical concepts including algebra, geometry, statistics and proportion. As pupils continue with us through Key Stage 4, they will receive a curriculum which progressively requires greater breadth and depth. There is a focus on procedural fluency; a knowledge of mathematical methodology; knowledge of when and how to use them appropriately; and skill in performing them accurately and effectively.


Working towards the AQA GCSE Mathematics qualification at the end of Year 11, lessons follow this syllabus to ensure that a challenging and enriching curriculum has been developed to promote mastery and fluency throughout Mathematics. Creating a positive classroom environment, our pupils enjoy maths lessons which enable them to know and remember more as they progress through each lesson. Developing a curiosity, a willingness to improve and resilience, pupils can apply and adapt key concepts to a range of problems, including exam-style questions. When pupils leave us at the end of Year 11, they leave us as confident, resilient mathematicians and problem solvers who are provided with the opportunity and support to gain qualifications in maths.

“We are passionate about making a difference, removing challenges to learning, having a positive impact, delivering high quality teaching and learning, and achievement for all.”