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All students must arrive to school in full school uniform. Daily checks will be taking place.
Our school day commences at 09:00. Students may arrive from 08:30

Short stay respite provision

Throughout the short stay respite provision, the aim is to develop reading, writing, spoken English and spelling, punctuation and grammar across both fiction and non-fiction genres. We want our pupils to develop an appreciation and love of reading, and read increasingly challenging material independently. This includes reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Pupils are taught to develop both their reading and writing stamina and their skills in planning, editing, drafting and proof-reading their work. Students are encouraged to speak confidently and effectively and are expected to use Standard English confidently in a range of contexts, including classroom discussions, speeches and presentations. They should be able to express their own ideas and keep to the point. Pupils take part in formal presentations and structured discussions.

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Year 9

It is expected that most pupils who join us in year 9 will remain with us until the end of KS4. Therefore, the year 9 curriculum is sequenced over the year. The curriculum is closely aligned to the national curriculum and aims to prepare pupils for the KS4 curriculum. Pupils will study of a range of quality literature which aims to build core reading and writing skills as a foundation for study at KS4. We create opportunities for pupils to regularly use and develop spoken language through discussions and presentations. To promote self-esteem and confidence in English, we use the functional skills assessments at the end of year 9.

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English at KS4 is closely aligned to the National Curriculum and sequences across the 2-year programme. The curriculum encourages pupils to read fluently and write effectively and to develop confidence in writing grammatically correct sentences. Pupils are taught to read a wide range of texts, fluently and with good understanding. Read critically, and use knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve their own writing. Write effectively and coherently using Standard English. Use grammar correctly to punctuate and spell accurately. Acquire and apply a wide vocabulary, alongside a knowledge and understanding of grammatical terminology, and linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language. Pupils are entered for AQA GCSE English at the end of year 11.

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